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Practice Areas

Entitlements, Housing & Energy Law



Land Use

We help our clients navigate the entitlement process for new projects, strategizing on permitting, environmental review, and uses. We work through sticky issues and build strong relationships with decision-makers, community groups, and neighbors.

Environmental Review

We help our clients develop and implement an appropriate and efficient environmental review strategy for new projects. This protects our communities, our environment, and our neighborhoods by ensuring that the environmental impacts of new projects are analyzed and disclosed.

Real Estate

We work with small businesses to buy or lease the space they need, and permit that space so that they can get their businesses up and running. We help translate the “legalese” in a typical real estate contract to help small business owners negotiate the best deal for themselves.


We work through regulatory approval for renewable energy procurement, supply, and cost recovery. We assist with procurement plans, compliance filings, and policy proceedings. We track and analyze legislative changes affecting our clients’ business. We also help secure the real estate necessary for new and existing energy infrastructure.

Landlord Tenant

We help owners of multi-family buildings stay ahead of ever-changing regulations. We also work with local and state governments through legislative processes to protect our clients’ interests.

Rent Control

We help property owners understand and comply with rent control policies, including rent increases, petition processes, relocation rules, and tenant protections. We maintain strong working relationships with community groups and local agency staff to facilitate communication and problem-solving.


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