Environmental Review

  • Develop and implement environmental review strategy for new projects, ensuring appropriate and efficient environmental review.
  • Protect our communities, environment, and neighborhoods by ensuring that the environmental impacts of proposed projects have been adequately analyzed and disclosed.
  • Litigate cases in which a dispute has arisen as to whether the environmental review for a given project was appropriate. 
  • Work with federal and state agencies to comply with the Endangered Species Acts.

Land Use

  • Strategize with clients as to the highest and best use of their properties under existing and contemplated land use regulations.
  • Work with clients to navigate the entitlement process and get all necessary approvals for new development
  • Analyze compliance of existing buildings with land use regulations.
  • Develop strong working relationships among stakeholders, including developers, community groups, and decision makers.

Rent Control

  • Assist property owners to understand and comply with rent control and associated regulations affecting multi-family properties.
  • Litigate petitions for rent adjustment and capital improvement projects under rent control ordinances.
  • Monitor local and state regulatory changes and participate in legislative processes to protect clients’ long-term interests.
  • Develop and maintain working relationships among property owners, community groups, local agency staff, and decision makers.

Open Government

  • Protect the public’s rights to know the government’s business under the Public Records Act, Brown Act, Bagley-Keene Open Meeting Act and local sunshine ordinances.
  • Monitor regulatory changes and participate in legislative processes that affect clients’ businesses.

Administrative and Regulatory Law

  • California Public Utilities Commission proceedings related to energy procurement, supply and cost recovery.
  • Trial court and appellate litigation challenging governmental action, including project approvals, environmental review, and legislative changes.
  • Litigation under CEQA, California Planning & Zoning Law, Endangered Species Act, Brown Act, Public Records Act, Coastal Act, Subdivision Map Act, constitutional claims, local ordinances, and rent control (Petris Act and Costa-Hawkins Rental Housing Act).

Public/Private Partnerships

  • Negotiate transactions to facilitate infill development by public/private partnerships.
  • Secure land use entitlements and ensure compliance with the requirements for environmental review for residential and mixed-use public/private partnerships.