Multi-Family Residential

  • Assist property owners with regulatory compliance, including rent control
  • Obtain entitlements for new multi-family developments, including transit-oriented, inclusionary housing, affordable housing, and public-private partnerships
  • Facilitate subdivisions for mixed use projects
  • Land use diligence for new acquisitions


  • Regulatory approval for Renewables Portfolio Standard (RPS) procurement
  • RPS procurement plans, compliance filings, and policy proceedings
  • Analysis of proposed RPS legislative changes
  • Environmental review and endangered species compliance work
  • Entitlements for wind and solar projects
  • Land use due diligence for investments in wind and solar projects
  • Acquisitions, leases, access agreements, licenses and easements for new and existing energy infrastructure

Commercial Real Estate

  • Land use due diligence
  • Entitlements for new development

Agriculture and Open Space

  • Protecting and preserving prime agricultural land
  • General plan and zoning issues
  • Regulatory compliance

Institutions of Higher Education

  • Entitlements for new campuses
  • Regulatory compliance
  • Environmental review for campus expansion